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prestige lessons
Improve faster while having fun!
The ESF Valmeinier 1800 is the only one to offer two different small group courses for your children. Only during French holidays. 
From the Piou Piou Club to the Flocon levels, the Maxi 8 course will help your children improve safely at their own pace. 

There are only 6 children in the Super 6 course. This enables the instructor to give personalized advice to every child. 
From the Flocon to the 3rd Star level.

In the Maxi 8 course, each instructor teaches to only 8 children. It allows the instructor to better know each child' needs and work on what they need to improve the most. 
From the Piou Piou Club to the Gold Star level. 

For levels OURSON/FLOCON: We recommend children who have 12 years of age to register in group lessons Tenneager or Adult.

Horaires et Tarifs à insérer ici
rates prestige lessons children
From 153 €
Prestige lessons Valmeinier 1800
From the Piou Piou Club to the Gold Star levels
SUPER 6 (FLOCON to 3rd star) - february holidays
5 or 6 Mornings12h45 to 14h15 or 13h to 14h30153 €
maxi 8 (piou piou to gold star)
5 or 6 Mornings11h15 to 13h15 or 11h to 13h208 €

hours Valmeinier 1800 
christmas holidays
From 22/12/2018
to 04/01/2019
11h15 to 13h15
february holidays
From 09/02/2019
to 08/03/2019
11h to 13h
13h to 14h30
easter holidays
From 06/04/2019
to 12/04/2019
11h to 13h

Students enrolled in lessons do not have insurance. Don't forget about Carré-Neige insurance !      You will be able to subscribe when booking.

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